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Director Message

Dear Visitor,

Greetings to you!

Welcome to Champions Academy. We are grateful for your interest in associating with us. The time before and after 10th Standard boards is a confusing one, and you must have several questions in your mind. As parents and students alike, the next two years represent a quantum change and extremely decisive in terms of future prospects.

At Champions academy, our ethos is high standards of excellence - moral, ethical and academic. We aim to nurture our students and mentor them on the correct path, emphasising on not just academic progress, but, more crucially, building character and values to help them become competent, contributing and informed citizens of our Nation.

  • Where do I get the best support and guidance for entrance exams?
  • Which are the premier institutes in India?
  • Which course to opt for?
  • What are the future prospects?
  • Where can I find the best faculty?
  • Which coaching classes to join, and why?

At Champions Academy, we aim to educate you on these questions and help our students progress towards a bright career.

India is blessed with talent all over the country. Hence, All National level competitions demand a high level of consistency and commitment, not only from the student, but also from teachers and parents. These values lie at the core of our academic system, and we believe in ingraining our students with them.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the process of education and learning has undergone radical transformation. Technology has changed the way we learn, and the emphasis on application-based learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving approach are a key demand in today's dynamic world. We endeavour to deliver high quality teaching and robust learning systems, leveraging the huge expertise of our experienced and dedicated faculty members. Champions Academy has implemented an improvised version of the Kota and Hyderabad model of coaching. Our esteemed faculty members have been practising this evolved version of teaching in Mumbai for a long time. Our model focuses on holistic development of our students on all fronts. We hold them and ourselves to high ethical and moral standards, as we truly believe in students being a nascent reflection of their teacher's creation.

At Champions, we are passionate to deliver high quality education and coaching for Olympiads, Engineering and Medical entrance examinations. In the year of our inception, we have secured a rare achievement in our Olympiad, NTSE and KVPY results, having the maximum number of selections from Mumbai in NSEJS, RMO, INMO, INPHO, INCHO and KVPY. We bring a blend of 35 years of solid teaching and strong mentoring expertise for you. Our faculty have produced over 5000 IITians with top ranks in JEE MAINS, ADVANCED and Medical-UG. It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you into our mission.

Wishing all students, the very best,

On behalf of the Champions Academy Team,

Raj Kumar Singh

Managing Director, Champions Academy

(A unit of Champs Educare Private Limited)

Champions Academy