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Why Champions Academy

Learning Philosophy and Methodology

Three decades ago, there was no concept of coaching classes. Then came the correspondence era. They were soon replaced by subject-specific tuitions, who in-turn made way for comprehensive coaching centres under one roof like Kota and Hyderabad. Every decade witnessed older versions of coaching being taken over by new, evolved and innovative philosophies of education.

Our Methodology (Kota 2.0 + Hyderabad 2.0) takes a quantum leap in that direction, leveraging technology and data, while staying true to the roots of the guru-shishya system, the backbone of education in our culture. Synergies between the best practices of tradition and technology, in addition to personalized attention and coaching makes Hyderabad 2.0 stand far ahead of its predecessors.


Study Material System

Champions Study Material system is a complete set of lecture-wise notes as opposed to chapter-wise division, with detailed explanation of concepts, ample illustrations and a comprehensive problem set.

Abhyaas Exercises :- We have developed an in-depth graded assignment for every chapter in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology, termed as “Abhyaas”. Abhyaas includes conceptual problems with varying difficulties, and past year competitive examination question. The problems are sorted by difficulty levels.

Module Exercises :- At the end of our chapter-wise booklets, we have developed dedicated modules for various kinds of problems, keeping in mind special question patterns for all examinations (Objective, Subjective, Match the Column, Integer type problems, Board Examination Practice Questions etc.). Modules are meant to enhance problem solving skills and conceptual understanding. Board examination modules take care of CBSE, ICSE, and State Board Examinations.


Assessment System

Weekly Assessment Tests (WATs) and Monthly Assessment Tests (MATs):-

At Champions Academy, we believe that continuous assessment, testing and evaluation mechanisms are required for competitive learning and performance of a student on the big day.

WATs are weekly small syllabus tests. Three WATs are followed by a MAT. MATs are cumulative syllabus tests. Frequency of WATs and MATs may be different for different courses.

Other Tests (QATs, OATs, RRTs, PSTs, FSTs) :-

Quarterly Assessment Tests on the full syllabus covered up to that point are conducted every three months. Olympiad Assessment tests are conducted on a regular basis for ambitious students preparing for Olympiads. Revision is a crucial part of the preparation for any examination. Chapter-wise, Objective Type Rapid Revision Tests are conducted immediately after the completion of the syllabus. Part Syllabus Tests and Full Syllabus Tests are the final stage practice examinations and are a part of our All India Grand Test Series (AIGTS).


Comprehensive Performance Analysis

Evaluation of the state of preparedness in different chapters and cumulatively is a quintessential part of the learning process. A student must be assessed holistically to identify strengths and areas of improvement. The assessment must be specific, data-driven and qualitative. Every child is unique, and as such, they deserve better quality of advice than ‘Study more sincerely!’. With our performance analysis we aim to provide exactly that.