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School Level Examination?

What are the options after Secondary School Level Examination?

The time after 10th Standard is an important one in a student’s life. Decisions made during this time have a lasting impact on their careers and lives. And naturally, it is a decision that comes with a lot of questions. Who do they aspire to be? What profession interests them the most? What is their vision for the next year, five years, decade and beyond? Expecting a 15 or 16-year-old to be able to answer or even think about these questions is asking a lot. Especially with how drastic a change it is from their school days.

It is also a decision that needs to be informed, well-considered, due to its implications on the future, short and long-term. It is, therefore, necessary to be mentored on the possible career options - their scope, their viability, challenges and potential rewards.

In broad terms, a student has four defining career paths after his/her 12th board examinations :-

  • Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Technology and Research.
  • Career in Medical Sciences.
  • Career in Commerce.
  • Career in Arts.

We’ll attempt to touch base upon the scope and challenges of each of these, in the Indian context.

Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Technology and Research

Man’s greatest achievements through the ages have been the product of scientific zeal and curiosity. Whether it is the invention of the wheel, the discovery of electricity, flight, the industrial revolution, the transistor, or the missions to step on the moon, Science and Mathematics have been the cornerstones on which our society stands today.

Pursuing science, mathematics and engineering with the right mindset opens a world of opportunities, home and abroad. An education in this field and the peer group equips a student for a wide range of options – from becoming a research scholar, entrepreneurship, or some very high-end technology roles. Remember, though, the pursuit of excellence has no room for excuses or lethargy. Hard work, and intelligent work are not optional! The rewards though are unquestionable.


Career in Medical Science and Research

Medicine is a noble profession. And a profession with a wide scope. The field of medical research has undergone vast development in the last half a century. The basic degree for the medical profession is MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) which is 5 years long.

It must be noted, however, that due to the relative lower number of seats, the competition in medical entrance examinations is a lot higher. Dedicated effort and continuous guidance is important for success in medical entrance examinations.


Career in Commerce

A career in commerce is also a good option; further studies lead to brighter career prospects like CA/CS, Financial Manager, Finance Analyst and Investment Analyst. It will require sustained hard work to get to the top. Career in finance, investment analyst etc. are pursued by engineering graduates as well, with training after graduation. Many surveys indicate that there are more engineers in institutes of management and in investment banks than commerce graduates. The current ecosystem isn’t very conducive for growth of commerce graduates without specialized qualifications.


Career in Arts

A career in Arts is generally opted by students with special inclinations, interests towards various forms of arts like architecture, dramatics, music, visual arts, advertising, media. There are many good institutions of repute imparting quality education like Sir JJ School of Arts, Govt. Law colleges, Lady Sriram College, New Delhi, etc.

A career in arts, however is far more dynamic due to the lack of structured career paths at present in the country.