Champions AIGTS - A never ending journey of self - IMPROVEMENT


Preparing well for IIT-JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN/AIIMS is one thing and transforming the knowledge & skills into success on the JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN day is another. In a typical JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN//PMT scenario; on the D-Day you should remember 10,000 types of problems in each subject. This seems to be a herculean task. Many students are able to do this with the help of a good teacher; but still they fail to get a good rank in IIT-JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN. Now a very posing question arises that “Why this happens?”

The answer is an obvious one that the people who get good ranks practice more & have a proper planning about managing their examination hours & the right exam temperament. They are more psychologically trained to attempt/manage this kind of examination, as they are thorough with the exam-pattern & have practiced a lot of test papers.

The motive of launching AIGTS is towards achieving the same goal & also to imbibe a sense of competition in the students by comparative analysis. Many students are not able to adopt the right approach and proper examination temperament, as they do not have the right feedback on their preparation. Test Series will teach you how not to fail. It is an opportunity for you to ensure that you convert your skills into success.

Level of difficulty in the tests is changed strategically to prepare students for all types of papers - very difficult to relatively easy ones. It has been observed that JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN/Medical Entrance papers have been coming up with a different kind of content in one or the other subject in terms of level of difficulty & style of the paper. Champs Educare Pvt.Ltd test series (with test analysis) will ensure you do not suffer any setbacks due to these fluctuating trends.

With the new pattern of IIT-JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN, a program like Test Series assumes even greater importance. Champs Educare Pvt.Ltd experts have redesigned the Test Series to give Champs Educare students an edge over others.

What we offer :-

  • All the tests are of IIT-JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN//AIPMT pattern. Hence, you get several chances to know about your performance & make-up for your shortcomings.
  • It Consists of Concept Strengthening & Analysis Program & Doubt-Lectures after the test to eliminate conceptual doubts and plugging the loopholes related to the papers.
  • It has an innovative & original problem of IIT-JEE ADVANCE & JEE MAIN level/AIIMS level, which is the best way to prepare.
  • Prepares you for all types of patterns & levels of difficulty, so you will be ready to face IIT-JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN /AIIMS in all eventualities.
  • Gives you sufficient time to consolidate on your IIT-JEE/AIPMT preparation as it starts with Part Tests and gradually covers the entire JEE syllabus in Full Tests. The part tests are called Periodic Assessment Tests (PATs), which are conducted fort nightly, & Major Assessment Tests (MATs) on a bi monthly basis during the running of the course. At the end of the syllabus we conduct Part Syllabus Test (PSTs) and Full Syllabus Tests (FSTs)

Rapid Revision Tests (RRTs) :-

  • After completion of the syllabus we start revision & conduct special tests named as RRTs on chapter-wise basis. We ensure that the student goes through the Syllabus plenty of times and revises the whole syllabus with AIPMT objective type pattern RRTs.

Weekly Online Reports for the Parents and students :-

  • State-of-Art Reports are generated about the students based on their performance in the tests administered by us. Eight pages long detailed is utilized for improving the performance further. Gives you realistic & authentic All India level ranking and grade so achieving your goal gets easy.

Course Fee :-

  • Fees for One Year All India Test Series for IIT-JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN /AIPMT Rs. 7,500/- + Service Tax.
  • Two Year Integrated All India Test Series for IIT-JEE ADVANCED & JEE MAIN /AIPMT Rs. 15,000/- + Service Tax.
  • (By Correspondence or at our centre in Mumbai)

How to Enroll :-

  • Apply on prescribed form (collect from nearest CHAMPIONS centre or download from www.Champions.ac.in) mentioning, correspondence address, permanent address, date of birth, telephone/mobile no., e-mail ID along-with three passport size & one stamp size colour photographs, photocopy of last board exam marksheet(s) & Demand Draft/Cheque for the course fee in favour of “Champs educare Pvt.Ltd” payable at Mumbai.

Admission Dates :-

  • Throughout the Year.
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