What to do after Secondary School-Level Examination (10th Standard) ?

As per Indian scenario, the students have to take an important decision after standard 10th towards their future career. What they aspire to be? What do they want to become? What career path they want to choose to fulfil their aspirations?

A student has three broad options after his 12th board examinations

  • Career in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Technology and Research.
  • Career in Medical Sciences and Research.
  • Career in Commerce/Arts

Career in Mathematics, Science, Engineering & Technology

You must have heard of great scientists like Newton, Galileo and Einstein. They were not made in a day. Their journey too might have started the way you are starting today.

Studies in Science, Mathematics and Engineering leads to lucrative and bright career prospects in our country and round the globe. A career in science, mathematics and engineering develops a broad skill-sets that help an individual grow as a research scholar , scientist, an engineer or a mathematician.

There are many Institutions of excellence & repute in our country where students acquire these world class skill-sets, right from the first year of the undergraduate degree. These skill-sets are highly sought after and are in great demand by all the top companies around the world.

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