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Excel Program

Designed for :- Xth to XIth Moving students.


Admission :- Students are admitted after a Scholarship-cum-Admission Test (Champions Entrance Test -CET). We admit the students on the basis of Merit. There is also a provision of direct admission on the basis of some special academic achievements of past.

Course Duration :- Entire course coverage in 2-Year Intensive Classroom Programme.

Subjects Taught :- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology.

Vocational Subjects Taught :- Electronics/Computer Science & English (for Excel Integrated students)

Integrated Programme facility :- Special Integrated programme for the interested student where all the subjects are taken care at our institute apart from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology. The student does not have to attend the regular classes for learning in the college/school. This saves a lot of time & students remains focussed on their competetive examination studies.

Classes per Week :-

  • Integrated Programme: 3 days a week - 6 hours per day + Boards on remaining days
  • Non-Integrated Programme: Minimum 3 days a week, 4 hours per day

Class Size :- : Small Class Size (35-40 students) for keeping the best student-teacher ratio to maximize learning. Personalized attention to each & every student by the faculty members is ensured.

Total Teaching Hours :- More than 900 hours of Comprehensive lectures in 2 Years for Excel Regular, More than 1500 hours of comprehensive lectures for Excel Integrated course.

Interactive Doubt :- Clearing Sessions with small batches for Advanced level Conceptual understanding & Doubt Discussions. Remedial Classes/Doubt classes is also a weekly feature.

Single comprehensive study material :- : The students are provided with study material which is developed by our dedicated faculty team which caters the needs of all competitive and board examinations for which you must have joined Champions IIT Academy. The Study material includes :-

  • Lecture-Notes
  • Detailed Explanation of the theory on each topic
  • Illustrations in the form of solved problems
  • Chapter-wise Assignments known as Abhyaas
  • Categorized Problems on each topic for various competitive examinations.
  • Gradation of problems according to difficulty level.
  • Special Modules for BOARD Examination preparation

Regular follow-up :- Regular follow up of each student by our Faculty members about the assignments & home work is ensured. We make sure that enough amount of practice is done by the student before he faces the final competetive examination test.

Abhyaas :- On the basis of every lecture, students are given concept learning problems which they have to attempt before the beginning of the next lecture. Thus every student gets homework to solve after every lecture he/she attends. This regular abhyaas exercise system gives a student very strong command over fundamental conceptual knowledge and is very crucial for getting a top rank..

Focus Batch :- Students who are aiming for a top 200 rank along with a medal in International/National level olympiads are suggested to join the Focus Batch. Since first level of olympiad examinations are conducted in november month every year, students preparing for olympiads are expected to finish the syllabus in one year and then practice advanced level problems before they sit in the olympiad examinations. This advanced course is known as Excel-Focus course. Special advance level problems are provided named as Morsel assignments. The number of hours are more for this course & the admission is done through an Internal examination (Focus Batch selection test) after 3 month of comprehensive teaching in any regular excel course. The admission is based on the performance of the student in that examination.

PATs & MATs :- PATs are regular small syllabus tests. PATs are conducted on every alternate Sundays. Continuous 3 PATs are followed by a MAT. While PATs are based on the syllabus covered in two weeks, MATs are cumulative syllabus tests.

Rapid Revision Tests (RRTs) :- After completion of the syllabus we start revision & conduct RRTs on chapter-wise basis. We ensure that the student goes through the Syllabus plenty of times and revises the whole syllabus with AIPMT objective type pattern RRTs.

Mock Board Test Series :- for attacking the Board examination question paper in a systematic and strategized manner. Students will also receive special lectures on how to write the answers of board examination question papers.

Weekly Online Reports :- for the Parents and students, State-of-Art Reports are generated about the students based on their performance in the tests administered by us. This eight pages long detailed report is utilised for improving the performance further.

All India Grand Test Series (AIGTS) :- to develop examination temperament on the expected pattern of competetive examinations. It gives the student a chance of self assesment at all India level. On the basis of scores in the various sections of the test, a student is guided to improve further in the final stages of revision.

Web-Resources :- We provide our students an extra help and support as compared to other regular coaching classes on our IIT Edu-Portal which comprises of -

  • Video Lecture Library
  • Reference material and books
  • Online Tests for practicing the Computerised Testing Patterns
  • Answers of all the questions, abhyaas exercises and assesment tests
  • Performance Reports

(Note: All the above eduportal facilities are additional so its fee is not included here. A student has to procure an online login to get access to our eduportal)

Concept of Edu-Coach :- Every Teacher at our institute coaches & helps in the holistic development of the student to make him face the challenges in his life in an adept manner. A student is free to approach any teacher at any time. Students are also assigned these teachers as mentors.

Feedback :- Dedicated academic operations team takes feedback from the students and parents from time to time, apart from parent teachers meetings.

Classroom & other facilities :- We have state-of-art classrooms which are fully Air-Conditioned & designed to maximize learning & comfort. The Centres are all Biometric system enabled. Hence, the attendance is monitored in real-time.

Fees :- .

  • Regular Excel Programme: Rs 4,50,000/- + Service Tax
  • Integrated Excel Programme: Rs 4,50,000/- + Service Tax (College fee is not included here)
  • Mode of Payment: We accept cheque/DD drawn in favour of "Champs Educare Pvt. Ltd". You can deposit them at our centre with the centre Manager available. You can also pay the fees online at our www.champions.ac.in We do not accept fees in cash
  • The Fees can also be paid in two/four Installments

Scholarship Scheme :- Scholarships are provided based on the performance of the students in Scholarship-Cum-Admission Test & on the basis of Past Academic achievements (Viz: Performance in Olympiads or other Competitive examinations at Regional/National Level). Scholarships are strictly based on Merit.

Commencement of Batches :- April/May/June/July.

Colleges for Integrated tie up :- We have many colleges in tie up with us with. Detailed list is available at our respective centres.

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