The battle is half won, if you have in place the futuristic academic processes and robust SYSTEMS

Study Material System

It is a complete set of lecture wise chapter notes in which lecture theory is explained with illustrations. An Abhyaas Exercise follows every lecture theory in these notes.

Abhyaas Exercises

We have developed in-depth graded assignments for every Chapter in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. We have named it “Abhyaas”. Abhyaas includes conceptual problems with varying difficulties and past year competitive examination look alike problems. These problems are arranged in increasing difficulty level.

Module Exercises

At the end of our chapter wise booklets, we have developed dedicated modules for various kind of problems separately keeping forth coming pattern in mind (i.e. Objective, Subjective, Comprehension, Match the column type of problems, BOARD EXAMINATION practice series). These module problems enhance problem solving skills and in depth conceptual understanding of the subjects. Board examination module takes care of CBSE, ICSE, and State board examination.

Assessment Systems

Weekly Assessment Test (WAT) & Monthly Assessment Test (MAT)

At Champions Academy we believe that a continuous assessment, testing & evaluation mechanisms are required for competitive learning and optimum performance of the student in the final examination.

WATs are regular small syllabus tests. WATs are conducted on weekly basis. A MAT follows three continuous WATs. While PATs are based on the syllabus covered during the weeks, MATs are cumulative syllabus tests. Frequency of WATs and MATs may be different for different courses.

Other Tests (QATs, OATs, RRTs, PSTs, FSTs)

Quarterly Assesment tests take care of the level of preparation of children every three month basis. Olympiad Assesment tests are conducted for students preparing for olympias on regular basis.

Revision is an essential component of success in National level competitions. After completion of the syllabus we start revision & conduct chapter wise Rapid Revision Tests (RRTs). We ensure that the student goes through the syllabus plenty of times and revises the whole syllabus with objective type pattern RRTs. PSTs (Part Syllabus Tests) and FSTs (Full Syllabus Tests) are the final stage practice examinations and are a part of our All India Grand Test Series (AIGTS).

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