A little thing that makes the big difference

Positive Attitude

When you are going to appear for a competition then there are always some members of family and friends who would try to demotivate you saying that you have taken a wrong decision and you can’t crack IIT/AIIMS. But you should always have a positive attitude towards achieving your decided goal without getting demotivated by the negative elements. This Positive attitude will make the ultimate difference.

There is a considerable amount of gap between the level of difficulty & understanding of Science & Mathematics for boards and competition. Hence, When you start your preparation for the Competitive Examinations, you may face a lot of hurdles. You may feel dejected at times; this is a very general case and this happens to everyone. You should very well know this & have the Positive attitude towards learning the subjects as this happens because of the different pattern of exmination, level of difficulty of competitive exams and also, you learn a lot of new topics in a new way in a greater depth.

When you appear for 1st Internal exam after joining any coaching Institute for Competitive Examinations; you may score as low as 20-25% marks and you may feel like you are of no use in this competition because you have always scored 85-90% till Secondary School. In this scenario, you should not feel demoralised as the preparation for Competitive Examinations is very different from preparation for Board Examination & it has no co-relation to the score you might have got in the board Examination.


You need a guru, who can guide you, motivate you. A good teacher can shape-up your life in a good way. At Champions IIT Academy we have Teachers one of whom you can choose to be your guru, your coach. He will make you plunge into the deep ocean of knowledge, keep track of your progress during the preparation, motivate you to prepare harder, and guide you to the path of success.

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