What it requires to CRACK IIT/AIIMS ?


Starting early gives an aspirant more time to adapt, understand and assimilate the vast knowledge required for various competitions. For the students starting early the syllabus gets over early; this gives ample time to an aspirant for the boards and entrance examination preparation in the crucial stages of final revision.

Most serious and bright aspirants start the preparations at early stage. Subsequently the competition in the batches starting early is very high. Competition is a race, if you start early in this race, probability of winning would be high.


There is no substitute to hard work. We believe hard work + Smartness = smart work + success. So hard work has to be done smartly. For success in national level competitive exams the student is expected to work out a self- study schedule on weekly basis with the help of teachers and follow it faithfully.

Student needs to put in minimum six hours for self-study (during 11-12th class) and two hours of self study (during 8-9th class) on daily basis. The aspirant shall give maximum of the early morning time for self-study instead of late nights. Early morning studies helps in better assimilation of knowledge and higher retention compared to late night studies.


Focus is the prime requirement to achieve any goal in life. Entrance exams are no exception. While preparing, an aspirant need to keep an eye on the requirements of the final exam and need to work accordingly. If he is investing time in any work he shall ask himself, “Will this time investment be helpful on the final day of exam?” if not, then that work shall be stopped immediately so that you don’t end up wasting time. A student needs to recall everything he studied during the the course of preparation if he wishes to perform to his best on the exam day.So student shall keep on asking himself while studying, “Will I be able to recall this on the day of exam ?”. An aspirant shall not lose focus even for one single day during months of preparation.


Preparation for two-three years is a long marathon; the final exam is designed to select only those who have done hard-work and have performed consistently, the candidates who did not study consistently throughout the year get excluded automatically. So if you are not working hard, on a particular day then there must be some one else working hard that day who might surpass you in the competition. Hence, being consistent on everyday basis is the key to success.

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